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Einstein exposé

Einstein est un imposteur, un menteur franc-maçon et une façade pour le sionisme!

Il était très loin d’être le “génie” que les scientistes et désinformateurs nous ont vendu! Ils ont fait de lui une légende de coquille vide pour cacher le vrai génie qui est venu court-circuiter leurs plans diaboliques…: Nikola Tesla.

La gravité et la relativité sont des théories jamais prouvées et n’existent pas, et E=MC2 est une fausse formule qui n’est même pas d’Einstein!

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
-- Nikola Tesla

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BBC "Science Correspondent" puppet Rebecca Morelle dishes out the biggest "psyence" propaganda you will see, as she follows her script further reinforcing the fraud Einstein, for the Einstein Gravitational Waves Psyop. He's right about everything. Don't question the controlled scientific establishment, don't question Einstein.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxnWQ7izOF8 s

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Gravity is a Myth and does not Exist: Electricity is the only Force in the Universe!

From the Introduction page: In the course of this book I will prove that the force called “Gravity” by newton and later modified by einstein and others, does not exist and is purely mythical in its creation. The consequences of this conclusion are immense. It means that a huge list of non-existent entities have been conjured up by academic scientists based on the mathematics of a non-existent force. For example: dark matter, dark energy, black holes, singularities, event horizons, wimps, mond, machos, neutron stars, gravitational collapse, gravitons, gravity waves, quantum gravity, inward pulling gravity, gravitational lensing, gravitational constant, schwarzchild radius, gravitational radiation, frame dragging, general relativity, anti-gravity, virtual gravitons, quantum field theory to name just a few, are in fact false and mythical as well.

Robert Otey

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The scientific evidence against the Big Bang theory that is blocked by the scientific Establishment.

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The Religious Myth called "Evolution", exposed as blind faith in PhD psyentists and their guesses :

‘’The ridiculous religious myth called Evolution is here exposed for this massive fraud which it is and pretended knowledge which is sold to students at top dollar by tptp that control quackademia, making sure these clueless students are in debt up to their ears when they graduate, with a head filled full of these kind of useless lies conjured up by the dark forces of academia.

This makes good slaves of them for corporate amerika which owns academia and the media. This process of conditioning ensures that they will be good gate keepers and watch dogs against the rest of humanity and violently defend their absurd slave cosmogony, they remembered by rote for their degrees.

It is an incremental process where students become mind controlled and learn how to serve the forces that own them without ever asking questions regarding their authority or control over them and their minds and lives.

This is the way legions of mindless lemmings are created to be the button pushing slaves of tptb, who will not question authority, rather who will enjoy their own slavery and pretend that they are not slaves at all despite the proof which is all around them every day.

This vid shows how deeply brain washed people get while attending or teaching in academia. Academia does not teach people "how to think" it teaches them "what to think", no matter how ridiculous and absurd the theories are from: the big wank to dark matter, dark energy, unintelligent design, evolution, nuke atoms, quantum quackery, string theory, etc. ad nauseum

These myths enslave mankind to psyentists who are supposed to be authorities regarding science, when in fact they are mind controlled students indoctrinated into a system of slavery where they serve the very forces which enslave humanity without having the intellectual capacity or critical thinking abilities to discern between truth and the dysfunctional fictions they support in their religion which they call science. Their psyences require faith in the theorists who conjure up these lame (guesses) aka theories. Thus proving that psyence requires faith just like the religions these Creator haters, hate so much. Busted!’’

Evolution: Modern Myth (100 WAYS to KILL DARWIN'S EVOLUTION) :

Einstein est un cheval de Troie sioniste pour l’infiltration de tout le système d’éducation !

Zionism is a political ideology fabricated by Theodor Herzl, and the Rothschild family. Historically, Judaism and the holocaust industry has been largely steered by the Rothschilds.

"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews... become worse... this will assist in realization of our plans... I have an excellent idea... I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends"
— Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

17 janvier 2006
Entrevue de Henry Makow & Jeff Rense au sujet du discours de Benjamin Freedman en 1961:

Un juif qui expose les juifs sionistes en 1961 et l’histoire de leurs attaques contre toutes les nations !!
Les juifs sionistes ont fabriqué les deux guerres pour écraser l’Allemagne, mais ces banquiers bandits ont faussé l’histoire pour cacher leurs horreurs et plans diaboliques en se faisant passer pour les victimes de persécution!
Écoutez cette entrevue et la présentation de Friedman pour vous réveiller sur la vraie histoire qu’ils nous cachent depuis 150+ ans !

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‘’Zionist intrigues behind mass immigration, multiculturalism & diversity campaigns, Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, the Kalergi plan to genocide Europeans, and how the Zionists are steering the nationalist backlash to the migrant crisis to forward Israeli objectives in the Middle East.’’

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